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Barbie Build n Style Fashion Boutique
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I'm sure you will like that the block set comes along with cool collection of mix-and-match outfits and accessories. Additional features consist of boutique barbie doll. The block set dimensions are 11.5"H x 12"L x 2"W. It weighs close to 0.88 lbs. How to buy a Barbie - Build 'n . If you want a good deal for this Barbie building set, click on the market button below.

When it comes to the latest fashion finds, Boutique Barbie and her friends always shop at the trendy Mega Bloks Barbie Build 'n Style Fashion Boutique! Barbie fans can produce and decorate as little or as much as they want, then get right back to living in Mega Bloks Barbie's world. This build-it-your-way boutique is filled with cutest fashions and accessories ever. Barbie fans can construct this appealing accessories shop as shown, or let their inner style to shine as they create their own speciality store any way they want. Tons of highly detailed store accessories open the door for countless possibilities to style the boutique in any quantity of ways. Step via the sparkling pink doors and into every shopaholic's dream store. Barbie looking in the new types inside the boutique Barbie trying on a new fashionable hat The Fashion Boutique that you can construct and style however you want The Build 'n Style Fashion Boutique encourages creativity and imagination by permitting anyone to build their boutique any way they want. Barbie's dream boutique will be the place to be.

A Dream Boutique with a lot of Possibilities for Barbie The Build 'n Style Fashion Boutique could be the dream store for Boutique Barbie and any shopaholic who loves to flex their inner fashionista. The outside store is flanked by glamorous street lamps and Barbie's name on the sign. Inside the boutique is an engraved buildable clothing rack for Boutique Barbie and other customers to check out the newest skirts and styles, then try them on and check them out in the complete length mirror. Ring up your purchases on the cash register and fill up your shopping bags with gift boxes to take Barbie's latest buys house and get ready for a night on the town. Buildable display stands for detailed jewellery and clothing accessories like bows, flowers, hats and purses line up from 1 wall to the other, giving customers something new to look at every time they turn about.

A Fashionista Love-in with accessories galore for the greatest Barbie fans The Build 'n Style Fashion Boutique is the perfect store to shop just like Barbie. See what happens when you combine the Build 'n Style Fashion Boutique with other Mega Bloks Barbie products to generate a Mega Bloks Barbie world that can probably be the dream of Barbie fans everywhere. Barbie fans can share these outfits with other highly collectible mini-fashion figures. Dress Boutique Barbie from a single of two interchangeable dresses for daytime or night-time outings and accessorize her with far more purses, hats and hair clips than ever. Barbie fans will appreciate the high attention to detail in all of the Fashion Boutique's accessories, like the elegant street lamps, Barbie sign and sparkling pink doors that lead inside. Intricately engraved clothes racks are accompanied by racks, shelves and tables showing off the tons of clothing and jewellery accessories.

What's In The Box? 107 pieces, instructions, 1 mini-fashion figure. Barbie and the complete boutique


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